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Celina Ros-Long

When I was younger, I was lost and confused. I was unaware of what my passion was and followed a path that I wasn't destined to be on.


After picking up my first makeup brush and borrowing my mom's eyeliner, my eye's opened up to a new career path that I was scared to even walk on.

After years of trying to figure out who I am and what my purpose was, I finally decided to enroll in a diploma program at "The Institute of Makeup Artistry."

"The most beautiful cosmetic you can have is 


Yves Saint Laurent

This diploma course described and demonstrated significant techniques, tools, and makeup looks from different areas of the makeup industry. This would include glamour makeup, high fashion and photography, film and television, character and old-age makeup, wig and facial hair application, special effects, and simple prosthetics.


Each module required me to test my knowledge, build face charts, and practice on clients in order to acquire skills and develop a suitable portfolio. After receiving positive feedback throughout the duration of this course from a professional instructor, I've developed the confidence and motivation to work on more clients. Enhancing the aesthetic beauty of each client is such a rewarding factor in the makeup industry and I'm ready to build a business around that. 

"With persistence, hard work, and a whole lot of fantasy, anything is possible

Pat McGrath

My love for fashion and makeup comes from my artistic background. Working in the fashion industry will allow me to develop my creativity and learn the different perspectives of beauty. Looking in fashion magazines and studying famous runway shows makes me realize how eccentric and unique the themes could be. This has made me more passionate to work in this field because I love the idea of using bright colors, rhinestones, feathers, and graphic liners.


In the future, I also hope to work for editorial photographers. I want to create strikingly beautiful makeup looks that evoke high fashion. One thing I love about editorial makeup is that there are no rules. Makeup looks can range from natural beauty to avant-garde.

Until my career flourishes, I plan on building and improving my skills by working for special occasions such as graduations, prom, birthdays, and weddings. 

With my experience and enthusiastic personality, I hope I can inspire my clients and make them realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way, we just have to confidently express it. 

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